Our season runs from April thru October.

Open every Sunday may through October

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For Further Information, Call The Flea Market Hotline 226-8320

NEW: Garage sale days every Sunday at the Flea Market. Thinking of having a garage sale this weekend? Have it here and have 5000 people see it instead of 100

Vendor Information


Nonreserved Fee:
$27 per space, per Sunday


Monthly Reserved Fee:
$23 per week times number of weeks in month
*Monthly reservations are payable the FIRST Sunday of the month


We only accept CASH for payment which is due upon setup.


So you want to be a vendor–It is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
1. Simply show up on any Sunday.
2. Pull vehicle into any space that has NO YELLOW PAINT on it (yellow denotes reserved status).
3. Report to Flea Market Office between 7:00-8:30am to pay rent for the day.



Rules and Regulations:            Effective April, 2019

1. Vendors must have and provide a valid New York State Certificate of Authority. 

2. Reserved spaces must be paid for the month on the first Sunday of the month.  The rent for reserved spaces is $92 for a four week month and $115. for a five week month.  There are to be NO EXCEPTIONS!  Rent payment is due for each FIRST Sunday of the month, regardless of inclement weather.  There are NO rain dates for inclement weather. 

3. Non reserved dealers pay rent at the rate of $25 per space, per Sunday.  These spaces are not reserved and there is NO GUARANTEE that you will have the same space on any given week. 

4. Reserved vendors must be in their spaces by 8:30AM.  After this time management reserves the right to rent out these spaces. 

5. THIS IS A CARRY IN, CARRY OUT facility.  This means that you may not leave trash of any kind on the premises.  There will be a $25.00 clean-up fee assessed to any vendor in violation of this rule.  Future space assignments may be denied or terminated as a result of violation of this rule! 

6. If you choose to bring a pet, please clean up after it! 

7. No food, candy, beverage, or other item may be sold for human consumption without the approval of management. 

8. No items which constitute a patent, trademark, copyright infringement, counterfeit products, nor any item involving a misrepresentation of warranty, trademark, patent, or copyright infringements of any type are allowed.  If a vendor is found to be in violation of this rule, s/he will hold harmless the East Avon Flea Market from any damages, expenses, or costs which they may incur as a result of violation of this rule. 

9. The sale of livestock or domestic animals is strictly forbidden. 

10. The sale of adult material must be completely out of sight. 

11. Any other item deemed hazardous to the health and/ or welfare of other persons will NOT be permitted to be sold on the premises. 


13. The sale of firearms is strictly prohibited. 

14. The East Avon Flea Market requires that all vendors fully cooperate and comply with fellow vendors and all employees of the market.  Customers MUST be treated with respect, courtesy, and fairness when conducting business on the premises.  Failure to comply with any of the East Avon Rules and Regulations will result in immediate removal of vendor and their product! 

15. Absolutely no tables, merchandise, or tent structures may be left on site without prior approval from management.  Vendors may be subject to $20.00 clean up charge for removal!!!