Our season runs from April thru October.

Open every Sunday may through October

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For Further Information, Call The Flea Market Hotline 226-8320

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NEW: Garage sale days every Sunday at the Flea Market. Thinking of having a garage sale this weekend? Have it here and have 5000 people see it instead of 100

Flea Markets are a popular form of commerce worldwide.  The phrase, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure,” is an adage that has kept people flocking to flea markets for hundreds of years.  Flea markets attract customers from every demographic .  Customers are attracted to flea markets for thier role as a social meeting place, the entertainment, positive environment and the savvy of the vendors who sell their wares their.

Customers begin arriving around 7:00am and it typically starts quieting down around 1:30-2:00pm.


*Attendance 5,000+
*Food and Drinks
*Live Music and Entertainment
*Free Admission for Patron